Poor Posture…A pain in the neck!

Poor Posture…A pain in the neck!

A large percentage of my weekly caseload of patients within the clinic suffer pain related to poor posture.

Many of these patients are office workers or have sedentary jobs.
Sitting at a desk or in the car for a large part of the day is not good for our body and can be the cause of many different musculoskeletal problems.

Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Headaches are all common problems that can occur from poor posture.

Prolonged poor sitting posture overstretches spinal muscles and ligaments (soft tissues). Prolonged overstretching of these structures will eventually cause pain. Pain is a warning sign that something is wrong and if if you don't do something about it overtime it can lead to long term problems.

Correct Sitting Posture:
One of the most important factors influencing correct sitting posture is creating an inward curve in your lower back. This is called a lordosis.
(fig 1).

As soon as you have corrected your lordosis the position of the upper part of the spine should now also have improved. You need to make sure that your head is not poking forwards. Tuck your chin in and pull back your shoulders. This can help to reduce upper back, neck and shoulder pain. (fig 2).

Maintaining correct sitting posture for prolonged periods of time without lower back support can be difficult. Some chairs or car seats will have adequate support for the lower back. However, for those that don’t the use of a lumbar roll is very useful.

This is a portable lower back support that can be attached to a chair / car seat. It is positioned at waist level helping to maintain the correct position of the lumbar lordosis (fig 3 ).

Pain can be significantly reduced by following these four simple tips: 1. Use a lumbar roll / support in the small of your back at waist level. 2. Have a work station assessment so your screen / P.C / mouse etc is set up correctly. 3. Make sure your chair is the correct height. Hips should be slightly higher than knees. 4. Stand up and move every 20-30 minutes. Pain when sitting?……THINK……Correct your posture!!