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Back Pain

Shoulder pain is a common complaint seen by Physiotherapists.

The location of pain may vary from being localised over the shoulder joint to more diverse spreading up to the neck or down the arm.

Shoulder pain may be referred from the neck or be caused as a result of muscle instability, impingement (nipping of structures within the shoulder joint), rotator cuff (a group of 4 shoulder muscles) problems, or poor posture.

More often than not there is a combination of these problems. All factors need to be addressed within the treatment.

Methods of Treatment:

  • Posture correction / advice
  • Specific shoulder mobilisations
  • Neck / Thoracic Spine mobilisations
  • Massage
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Shoulder Taping
  • Rotator Cuff strengthening exercises
  • Scapular (shoulder blade) exercises
Shoulder pain