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Vicky is incredibly professional, friendly and her treatment is very effective - I'd recommend highly if you're looking for a great physio.

Ed Reid

I have been going to Vicky for more than 10 years, either for a routine session every month or more frequently when I have an injury. Her knowledge, expertise, dedication and caring attitude are second to none. She is very hands on using manipulation and massage as well as exercises to effect a cure and a long term solution. Nothing will defeat her and I have never come away from her clinic without having an injury resolved. Provided I do the exercises she recommends, the cure is long lasting. Vicky is a true professional and have recommended her to many people.

Elana McClements

I have visited several highly recommended physios over the years in Yorkshire and London for back and joint issues. Vicky is a different class. She will analyse the cause(s), treat the pain and the root cause and give you carefully prescribed exercises to do at home to manage out the problem. Not just rub the hurt bit and ask you to come back next week. If she can make the pain go away in one week, she will do so. Otherwise treatment will only ever take as long as it needs to. She has resolved every problem I have suffered from, and allowed me to continue to live an active life. I am now in the routine of visiting her once a month for a session, when she can gently chastise me for missing any key exercises which would lead to far greater problems for me unless I do them! A first class professional.

Phil Causer

After visiting 3 Physiotherapist's following a car accident I believed I'd be stuck with my neck troubles. After 13 years it became the norm that I had a weaker shoulder and it would often stick causing a large amount of discomfort in everyday life. I was then recommended Vicky and with a 'what have I got to lose attitude' visited her for a consultation. Hands down the best recommendation I've had, for anyone who has suffered with a long term painful gripe you can at times feel sorry for yourself and can't see it ending. I cannot describe the almost immediate relief from pain, headaches and the additional movement gained from my visits to her.

Andrew Sharp